800 Examiners Prepared to Examine Sacrificial Animal

City Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Dept is about to send 800 examiners of sacrificial animal. They will examine sacrificial animal’s health in each shelter in Jakarta.

” There are 800 examiners who will be spread on Monday”

City Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Head, Darjamuni disclosed, Animal examination will be slated on Monday (8/29).

“There are 800 examiners who will be spread on Monday,” he expressed, Saturday (8/27).

Examination itself is done to ensure quality of sacrificial animal meat on Eid ul Adha 1437 Hijri. The examiner will do sweeping to examine animal health, either before or during slaughtering.

Those examiners are from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesian Veterinarian Association (PDHI), as well as Maritime and Agriculture Dept and other dept in five cities.

“We’re cooperating with Agriculture Ministry. Additionally, examination is also assisted by Satpol PP,” he expressed.

Examination includes administration completness such as animal health certificate (SKKH) from origin area. While for animal health, examination includes body temperature, eyes, nose, teeth and bllod samples.

If the animal is sick during examination, treatment will be done. While if there is found disease like anthrax, nail and mouth, it will be separated from the other animal.

Source: Berita Jakarta