5,500 Biopori Holes Made in Pondok Bambu

It has been noted that around 5,500 small absorption holes or locally known as biopori have spread in 182 RTs and 13 RWs, Pondok Bambu Urban Village, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

“Its number has exceeded the target set by 5,000 holes,” expressed Pondok Bambu Urban Village Head, Angga Sastra Amidjaya, Tuesday (1/29).

It is realized by the collaboration of 103 personnel of public facility maintenance agency (PPSU). It is also assisted by RT/RW caretakers, sub-district social agency (LMK), jumantik (wiggler hunter) cadres, and integrated health service posts (posyandu).

“Especially at urban village office, we’ve made 145 biopori holes. Its presence will be added soon,” he expressed.

He added that RT/RW caretaker was involved to make them more concerned with their respective communities.

Source: Berita Jakarta