5,000 Sand Sacks Prepared to Build Emergency Dikes

North Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-department anticipates inundation on the peak of rainy season in February-March by adding 5,000 sand sacks to build emergency dikes.

North Jakarta SDA Sub-department Head, Santo conveyed to prepare 11 thousand sand sacks since December. Emergency dikes are needed to hold water from tidal flooding and overflowing river that leads to settlement.

“We already use about 4,500 sand sacks to build dikes in several locations. So, we need to add 5,000 sacks for anticipation,” he mentioned, Thursday (1/24).

Six sub-districts are planned to receive 1,000 sacks each and the remaining 5 thousand sacks are used as backup at city region level.

“But its allocation is not static. Sub-district which is lacking of sand sack can get assistance from other sub-district or city region,” he explained.

Source: Berita Jakarta