450 Kilograms of Melon Harvested in Cilangkap Agro Tourism Seed Garden

Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, and Food Security Agency Head, Darjamuni revealed that around 450 kilograms of melon are harvested in the Cilangkap Agro Tourism Seed Garden, Cipayung, East Jakarta.

Through this land use pattern, he said, as many as 300 trees planted entirely produce fruit.

“This is actually still under trial stage,” he expressed, Tuesday (2/12).

Later on, the crop will be distributed to residents around the Cilangkap Agro Tourism Seed Garden as a menu of additional healthy food.

“The quality of the melon is very good, and has great potential to be widely marketed in the future,” he stressed.

Currently the agency already has 14 seeds, which spread, in five cities.

“It will be more optimized to plant various commodities,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta