38 Indonesians allegedly involved in Philippine terror network

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – As many as 38 Indonesians were allegedly involved in a terror network in Marawi City of Mindanao, the Philippines, a spokesman of the Indonesian Police Inspector General Setyo Wasisto stated.

“Some 38 Indonesians comprising 37 men and a woman are involved in terrorism,” Wasisto noted here, Friday.

Four of them were presumed dead, 12 were deported to Indonesia, and 22 others are still in the Philippines.

The terrorist group ISIS has built its base in the Philippines city of Marawi to control Southeast Asia.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Indonesian Police had released a report of the Philippine police revealing that seven Indonesians have been hunted for their alleged involvement in the ISIS-affiliated Maute group in the conflict-hit city of Marawi.

The seven Indonesians are Al Ikhwan Yushel, Yayat Hidayat Tarli, Anggara Suprayogi, Yoki Pratama Windyarto, Moch. Jaelani Firdaus, Muhamad Gufron, and Muhammad Ilham Syahputra.

One of the suspects, M. Ilham Syahputra is believed to have been killed in the clashes in Marawi.

A total of 17 other Indonesians caught in the conflict-hit city were in the country for an Islamic missionary movement and were not involved in any terrorist network.

They have been evacuated to the Indonesian Consulate General in Davao before being repatriated.

The Philippine authority began the operation to free Marawi from Mautes siege on May 23 after the groups militants forced the residents to flee for their safety. The Philippine government has declared a martial law in Mindanao for a week now.

A battle between the government forces and ISIS-affiliated Maute group has being ensuing, with the Philippine troops launching air and land strikes on the predominantly Muslim city.

More than 100 people have died in Marawi, including 16 civilians.

Source: Antara News