25 mln MSMEs expected to enter digital marketplace by 2024: official


At least 25 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) could gain access to the digital marketplace by 2024, an official from the Ministry of Co-operatives and Small and Medium Enterprises has affirmed.

“We are targeting some 24.5 million MSMEs gaining online platform access by 2023 and another 500 thousand by 2024, yet we are convinced that the number might be surpassed,” the ministry’s deputy assistant for partnerships and market expansion, Fixy, said at a press conference accessed from here on Tuesday.

The official further said she was optimistic that government programs, such as the National Movement of Proud of Indonesia-made Products (Gernas BBI) and Indonesia Creative Works Exhibition (KKI), will provide incentives to MSMEs to digitize their businesses.

However, low digital literacy is an issue that is hindering the government’s efforts to digitize MSMEs, she pointed out.

“Not only at the MSME level, but low digital literacy is still rampant among officials (guiding MSMEs),” Fixy said.

She also highlighted that some MSMEs that have gained digital marketplace access are susceptible to neglecting their online stores because of their primary focus on offline sales.

“They only open their laptop or phone two days after an online customer submits an inquiry about their product. (MSMEs) must not persist with this kind of behavior,” the official said.

To avoid getting bad reviews from customers, MSMEs must improve their production capacity before expanding their business to the online market, Fixy advised.

“The production capacity of MSMEs that have opened an online store on digital platforms must be maintained. Customers will question their professionalism if they have opened an online store but have insufficient stock to cater to a thousand orders from customers,” she pointed out.

Currently, Indonesia has 64.2 million MSMEs, who have an essential role in the national economy and have shown their resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Antara News