21 detained for alleged part in rioting

Police have detained 21 residents for their alleged part in a riot on the premises of geothermal power plant in Pahae Jae sub-district, North Tapanuli district, North Sumatra, on Sunday.

Previously, the police detained 37 people. But based on the result of questioning, only 21 of them were found committing an anarchic act when they staged a rally on the premises of the geothermal power plant, spokesman for the North Sumatra provincial police Adjunct Senior Commissioner MP Nainggolan said here on Monday.

The 21 people have been named suspects based on evidence found in the field and testimonies from witnesses as well as the CCTV footage, he said.

The suspects are identified as G Simbolon, RM Pardede, R Sitompul, TP Aritonang, T Saragi, D Hutagalung, NP Sitompul, NE Sitompul, AG Hutabarat, DA Sitompul, KA Sianturi, A Parapat, J Panggabean, Ad Parapat, K Siburian, S Simatupang, R Nainggolan, J Nainggolan, J Sitompul, C Parapat, and J Hutabarat.

“All the suspects are being detained at the North Tapanuli police resort station,” he said.

The 21 residents were suspected of being involved in theft, vandalism and manhandling, he said.

Therefore, they are charged with violating the penal code. If they are found guilty they may be sentenced to up to seven years in jail.

Source: Antara News