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Creative ways to stay sane: quarantine stories


It is Day 10 of 15 for Stefani Meidry, 24, posting fashionable selfies of herself on Facebook while in quarantine.

She has accepted a 25-day fashion challenge to post pictures of herself wearing different themed outfits everyday on social media, and has been writing a personal account for each of her appearances.

For over two months, people in Jakarta and surrounding areas have been grappling with new routines amid social restrictions that are forcing them to stay home to avoid coronavirus transmission among the community, a trend which has been common across the globe.

To limit public mobility, the transportation system is not working as in normal times, while public entertainment spaces, such as malls, cinemas, and beauty salons, are closed under the government’s orders.

In a way, this kind of circumstance can help people gain an awareness of their own selves, including on matters regarding mental health, that perhaps in normal times, they may not concern themselves much with.

“I think I have just recently figured out that going outside is the most effective way to distract myself… but that definitely cannot be done during this lockdown time,” Meidry said.

About two weeks ago, her friends posted a fashion challenge, and Meidry decided to participate as she thought it would be a fun way to cope with the feeling of missing dressing up, going outside, and hanging out with friends.

She said that many of her clothes, like the night gown or clubbing outfit, stay in the wardrobe as they are no longer worn on a daily basis.

Facebook seems to be the most preferred social media platform for such a challenge because it shows text first, followed by pictures. For Meidry, that means she can relate stories beyond the photos themselves.

She acknowledges this is a way to remain in touch with people. After a post, friends usually leave a comment, or react to it.

“Another thing that I noticed from the daily fashion prompts is that many of us have so many insecurities about our bodies. We feel insecure and do not feel attractive enough. The challenge has made me feel comfortable and better about myself,” Meidry said.

Expert’s notes

Recently, director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Use at the World Health Organization (WHO), Devora Kestel, asked people to help those vulnerable to mental health issues amid the pandemic, including young people.

Dr. Jiemi Ardian, a psychiatrist from Bogor Siloam Hospital, expounded that the fact that young people are not at a high risk when it comes to contracting COVID-19 compared to other age groups, this does not mean they do not experience some stressors.

“It is neither heavier nor lighter, but simply a different form of stressors,” Ardian told ANTARA.

For example, while the biggest concerns for the elderly with chronic health conditions are medication supply and healthcare facilities, young people may focus on the future, job uncertainty, as well as social connections.

Furthermore, not all bad feelings experienced during quarantine are related to mental disorders, unless they drive people to a situation where they cannot even perform daily activities. And if that happens, it needs to be discussed with professionals.

“Even in case of such an unwanted event, if people are able to recognize the stressors and pull themselves out of the situation by trying some things, such as connecting with other people virtually, though it sparks uncomfortable feelings, they would be considered mentally healthy,” Ardian noted.

“Thus, being not okay is indeed ok,” he added.

In general, people have a tendency to cope with stressful events by distracting themselves as well as by doing something that contributes to their personal growth, though every person may perform it in a unique way, according to his or her preference.

“Personalized coping mechanisms are varied, yet similar in principle: to control what one can control and to release what one cannot,” Adrian explained.

Other stories

Eko Bagus, 28, a cafe-band vocalist, was performing a gig almost every single day before the pandemic struck. He had to struggle to not miss the stage and the spotlight.

But, he put on his thinking cap to keep his sanity amid the movement restriction by utilizing technology and social media platforms.

Bagus sang songs and recorded and uploaded them using the personal account story feature on WhatsApp. He also collaborated with his band’s guitarist, and in a full-team formation, to produce some music videos, with each of the band’s members performing from their own places.

Meanwhile, the lockdown has had a huge impact on the daily schedule of Adyataruna, 24, whose job is mobile, involving frequent travel out of town.

In his controlled area, donning a mask and carrying a hand sanitizer are two new routines he has adopted because if he sometimes forgets to bring the items, “there are such guilty and scared feelings that pop up at the same time.”

During quarantine at home, after his work-from-home hours are up, Adyataruna resorts to relaxing activities, such as watching movies or series, gaming, and phoning friends. He has even signed up for an online class.

“This online class is related to my job description at the office, thus I expect it could boost my performance at work,” he said, which is another example that improving skills could be a great choice to stay sane during this uncertain period.



Source: Antara News

Jakarta emergency hospital discharges 1,264 COVID-19 patients



Jakarta Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital (RSDl) in Kemayoran has discharged a total of 1,264 patients recovering from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), since March 23 until May 13, 2020.

“Since March 23, 2020, there have been 3,019 inpatients, and 1,264 of them have recovered,” Vice Admiral Yudo Margono, Head of the emergency hospital concurrently Commander of the Joint Regional Defense Command I, said in a statement here on Saturday.

Of the total inpatients, 98 were transferred to other hospitals, while three patients died, he noted.

The hospital for COVID-19 currently treated 829 people, consisting of 507 men and 322 women, he remarked.

Of the 829 inpatients, 725 tested positive for COVID-1919, 68 were patients under surveillance (PDP) and 36 were under monitoring (ODP).

In the meantime, Galang Island Emergency Hospital located in Batam, Riau Islands Province, has so far discharged a total of 52 inpatients recovering from the COVID-19.

The COVID-19 hospital currently treated 16 inpatients including two women. The 16 inpatients comprised seven COVID-19 patients, seven PDP, and two ODP.

Meanwhile, the Government’s Spokesperson for COVID-19 Response Achmad Yurianto, said on Saturday that Indonesia recorded an additional 529 people testing positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed cases into 17,025.

With an additional 108 patients who were cured, the number of recoveries reached 3,911.

“The number of confirmed cases is 17,025, 3,911 patients have recovered,” Yurianto said at a press conference at Graha BNPB Jakarta.

The country has so far recorded 1,089 deaths from the coronavirus, including 13 new deaths .

Meanwhile, the number of people under monitoring (ODP) increased by 6,530 to 269,449, and patients under surveillance (PDP) surged by 709 to 35,069.

The COVID-19 cases have been recorded in 386 districts and cities across the country’s 34 provinces.



Source: Antara News



MPR donates food packages for journalists

Jakarta The People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) has donated hundreds of food packages, instant noodles, frozen chickens, vitamins and hand sanitizer for journalists affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The packages were handed over by MPR Chairman Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet) and Deputy Chairman of MPR Fadel Muhammad to Andy Arief, Head of the Journalist Care Movement here on Saturday (5/16).

“Just like doctors or medical personnel, journalists are a profession that is vulnerable to the COVID-19. While other people can work from home, journalists must go out and meet many people to be able to present accurate news to the public,” Bamsoet said in a statement here on Sunday.

However, on the other hand, many journalists faced salary cut by their companies being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, he added.

Bamsoet reminded journalists to keep presenting accurate news related to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and help stop the dissemination of hoaxes or fake news.

“At present information about COVID-19 is sensitive and prone to ignite panic in the community. Therefore, all forms of hoax information dissemination are unjustified and it is our common responsibility to prevent the spread of fake news,” he said.

Bamsoet was concerned over the increasing trend of hoax news dissemination. Based on data from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, up to the end of April 2020 hoax news related to the COVID-19 pandemic had reached more than 600 news.

The senior politician of Golkar urged the legal enforcers to carry out investigation and arrest those spreading fake news.

The Journalist Care Movement was initiated by a number of entertainment news journalists to collect assistance and distribute them to journalists affected by the pandemic.

Donations have so far been provided by former agrarian minister Ferry Musyidan Baldan, music observer Bens Leo, singer Nia Daniati, artist Lola Amaria, and women’s organization Kowani.



Source: Antara News


Again, videos on burial at sea of Indonesian on Chinese boat go viral

Jakarta Three videos showing a burial at sea of an Indonesian crew member aboard a Chinese fishing boat went viral, following a similar incident recently.

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry tried to find out further information about the latest incident, according to an official.

The first video uploaded by Suwarno Cano Swe on his Facebook account, showed three crew members carried another crew member who could not stand up. They communicated in a Javanese dialect.

The second video showed three people speaking Chinese language wrapped a crew member’s body. And in the third video, the body was thrown into sea .

“The identities of the dead crew member and the three others are not clear. The provisional information said the crew members were from Indonesia and the location of the watershed was in Somali waters,” Judha Nugraha, Director of the Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Legal Aid of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, said on Saturday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had contacted the social media account that first uploaded the video, but no detailed information had yet been obtained.

“The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing and the Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi are also looking for information on this incident from the local authorities,” Judha said.

The three videos were accompanied by information that Indonesian crew member of the Luqing Yuan Yu 623 ship was buried in Somali Sea.

There were also texts reading that the crew members had been enslaved beaten, kicked and electrocuted while working aboard the Chinese fishing boat.

The surviving Indonesian crew members wanted to go home but were not allowed. Instead, they were transferred to Lu Huang Yuan Yu 115 vessel.



Source: Antara News


Floods submerge 292 homes in Aceh Jaya District

Banda Aceh, Aceh Floods triggered by incessant heavy rains have submerged 292 houses in Setia Bakti and Darul Hikmah Sub-districts, Aceh Jaya District, Aceh Province, since Saturday night.

Heavy rains had caused Hulu Masen River to spill over its bank and inundated nine villages, Head of Darul Hikmah Sub-district Nuri Assirri said here on Sunday.

In Darul Hikmah, flood waters reaching a height of between 20 cm and one meter submerged 50 houses in Babah Dua Village and 25 homes and 50 stalls in Lam Tengoh Village.

Flooding also affected 21 houses in Panton Krueng Village, 15 houses in Ujong Rimba Village, 23 houses in Paya Santet Village, 17 houses in Baro Village, 25 houses in Masen Village, and 33 houses in Krueng Tho Village.

“The water level reaches 60 cm and continues to rise, especially in Panton Krueng and surrounding areas,” he said.

In Setia Bakti Sub-district, flooding inundated 53 houses in Sapek Village and 30 houses in Pante Kuyun Village.

“The flooding is triggered by heavy rain and the overflow of Krueng Lageun River,” Setia Bakti Sub-district Head Ag Suhadi.

Despite the flooding, affected residents of the two sub-districts decided to remain in their homes.




Source: Antara News