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Environment Ministry seals 42 company lands to fight forest fires

“The ministry’s investigators have sealed 42 company locations and one belonging to an individual in a bid to thwart the possibility of forest fires”

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Environment and Forestry sealed 42 lands belonging to a corporation and one of an individual under its efforts to prevent and manage forest fires in several areas in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

“The ministry’s investigators have sealed 42 company locations and one belonging to an individual in a bid to thwart the possibility of forest fires,” Director General of Law Enforcement from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Rasio Ridho Sani remarked in Jakarta, Saturday.

Most of the secured lands were located in West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. Lands were also sealed in Jambi, Riau, and South Sumatra.

After sealing the land, the ministry will continue to conduct investigations as a follow up of the law enforcement measures.

Four companies have, until now, been named suspects. “They are PT ABP (palm oil plantation) in West Kalimantan, PT AER (palm oil plantation) in West Kalimantan, PT SKM (palm oil plantation) in West Kalimantan, and PT KS in Central Kalimantan,” he stated.

Penalty threats entail revocation of company licenses from local governments, civil lawsuits for compensation and restoration of scorched land, prison sentences and fines, as well as the confiscation of profits.

Sani further pointed out that three companies had lost their licenses in 2015 in forest fire cases. In the meantime, civil actions, from 2015 until now, have tried 17 companies in the court of law, of which the firms were set to pay damages to the tune of Rp3.15 trillion, or some US$226,800,000.

“The civil actions are currently ongoing, and five of them are going through trial,” he revealed.

Source: ANTARA News

Speedboat overturns in Maluku, 1 killed, 32 survive

Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA) – One person was reportedly killed but 32 others had a lucky escape after a speedboat overturned in the waters of Kei Islands in Maluku province Saturday.

The speedboat carrying 33 people overturned at around 11.30 a.m. local time while it was on its way from Mastur village to Relean village in Southeast Maluku district, the Chief of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Office in Ambon, Muslimin said.

The 10-meter long and 2.5-meter wide speedboat capsized after being hit by waves.

Some of the survivors were taken to a hospital.

Most of the passengers were from the Maluku provincial capital of Ambon. They travelled to Relean Village aboard three speedboats to carry out youth activity.

The one other speedboat cancelled a plan to visit the village after learning of the accident.

A joint SAR team comprising personnel from the rescue team of the SAR post in Tual, Tual police resort, Mobile Brigade (Brimob) unit, and Tual water police were rushed to the scene to rescue the passengers.

Source: ANTARA News

Indonesian delegates to join 2019 Asian Animation Summit

Out of 60 projects, five will join the Summit

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesian delegates will be participating in the 2019 Asian Animation Summit, scheduled to take place in Seoul, South Korea from November 20 to 22. “Out of 60 projects, five will join the Summit,” said Head of the Indonesian Animation and Creative Industry Association Daryl Wilson in Jakarta, Saturday.

Creators of all five projects will participate in three mentoring phases with experienced professionals and gain knowledge on ideas, businesses and presentations.

“We are preparing them so producers can be interested in their ideas,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) Triawan Munaf believed that the country’s animation sector has the potential to develop further, despite the challenges that lie ahead, including funding.

In 2017, animation, which was one of BEKRAF’s priority sectors, had experienced growth of about 10.30 percent.

“Animation has promising potential. Indonesia has become the second country that is being referred to by animation industry makers after China. Animation is considered a prioritized sector to be expanded due to its immense potential and the demand for it is also great,” he said.

In addition to funding, other obstacles include the unavailability of platforms for collaboration and interaction between national animation stakeholders, as well as a lack of public animation creation events.

To minimize such challenges, the agency had organized the BEKRAF Animation Conference (BEACON), which provided an arena for the animation ecosystem to build business networks between individuals and animation production houses with agencies and investors, Munaf further said.

Source: ANTARA News

Police dormitory in Palembang quickly turns into towering inferno

We panicked when the fire grew bigger very quickly, as we feared it would spread to other buildings.

Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA) – A fire swept through a police dormitory in the South Sumatra provincial capital of Palembang on Saturday.

The fire triggered a sense of panic among the local residents, as the dormitory is located in an area, with high population.

Desti, an eyewitness, recollected seeing black smoke emanating from the dormitory at around 11 a.m. local time and fire spreading swiftly thereafter.

“We panic when the fire grew bigger very quickly, as we feared it would spread to the other buildings,” she noted.

Strong winds only fueled the blaze. Local residents worked hand-in-hand to extinguish the blaze. When the fire tore through the place, some tenants attempted to salvage their belongings.

A few minutes later, the Palembang City Disaster and Fire Control Office sent eight fire trucks to the scene. The fire could be doused in less than an hour’s time.

A local resident remarked that the fire arose from a house behind the police dormitory.

The cause of the fire is yet unclear.

Chief of the police dormitory 2nd Inspector Kartijon confirmed that 11 semi-permanent homes were destroyed in the fire.

Source: ANTARA News

Fishermen’s boats liven up 2019 Sail Nias main event

South Nias, N Sumatra (ANTARA) – A parade of fishermen’s boats livened up the 2019 Sail Nias main event held in South Nias District, North Sumatra, on Saturday.

A total of 100 fishermen boats were paraded in front of thousands of citizens and guests, including Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, who attended the event on behalf of President Joko Widodo, as well as several other cabinet ministers.

Apart from the parade of boats, accompanied by paramotor and parastrike acts, the event was also brightened up by a colossal dance that showcased the exotic Nias culture, a skydiving act by 16 combined military personnel, and a flypast by three Hawk 100/200 Indonesian fighter planes.

As a part of the event, Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan symbolically signed the cover of the 2019 Sail Nias Commemoration.

The North Sumatra provincial government also inked a memorandum of understanding with administrators of the Nias Heritage Museum for revitalizing and expanding the museum as part of the cultural legacy.

The 2019 Sail Nias event involves four districts and a city in the island of Nias, specifically Gunungsitoli City and the districts of South Nias, West Nias, Nias, and North Nias.

Sail Nias 2019 is the 11th sailing event held by the Indonesian government since 2009. Despite being known worldwide as the number-two surfing spot after Hawaii, the event is expected to boost its popularity and tourist visits.

Source: ANTARA News