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Ministry facilitates Chinese entrepreneurs to develop infrastructure

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Coordinating Maritime Affairs Ministry has facilitated meetings between Chinese and Indonesian delegations in Jakarta on Friday (June 14), during the Indonesian Business Visit and China International Contractors Association (Chinca).

The activity was attended by 31 businesspersons, who are representatives of Chinca, and leaders from several companies in the fields of energy, transportation, and infrastructure development, machinery manufacturing, as well as financial institutions, most of which came from Beijing and the surrounding areas as well as large Chinese group of companies and state firms.

Deputy for Infrastructure Coordination Ridwan Djamaluddin noted in a press release in Jakarta, Saturday, that Indonesia was still prioritizing Java. The government is optimistic of realizing equitable infrastructure development across all regions.

“Java still contributes some 80 percent to our GDP (gross domestic product). In Indonesia, we are aware of the need for equitable progress in development, so our efforts currently are directed to driving development in areas outside Java,” he remarked.

Since 2017, the Indonesian government has, on the basis of inputs from private and state-owned firms, compiled proposals that are then incorporated into 30 projects in four development corridors, with a value reaching US$91.1 billion.

The North Sumatra corridor focuses on the western economic rights to facilitate the cooperation of ASEAN and its surroundings; the North Kalimantan corridor prioritizes developing energy and minerals; North Sulawesi is focused on growth of the Pacific region in the field of parata and industry; while Bali is prepared for the ASEAN regional innovation center.

Deputy Ridwan also reiterated that the cooperation is mutually beneficial and all nations that will invest in Indonesia must fulfill five criteria and three cooperation systems “Basic Principles of GMF-BRI Cooperation.”

“I want to emphasize that we are not only cooperating commercially in the short term but are also opening room in the long term. Outside these four corridors are also non-corridor projects that have been initiated by industry players solely looking for government policy support,” he pointed out.

Representative of Chinca Chairperson Xin Xiuming assessed that Indonesia had borne witness to notable economic development, and it was enthusiastic to participate in infrastructure development in the country.

“We encourage the enthusiasm of our members to join in development, and as a Chinese infrastructure contractor organization, we also want to establish sound communication with Indonesia. We believe in our efforts and support from various parties and hope that the infrastructure cooperation between the two countries would run well,” he stated.

In the meantime, the Indonesian ambassador to China and Mongolia noted that bilateral relations would further intensify if both countries’ businesspersons would realize the program of this bilateral relationship.

The activity is expected to furnish information on cooperation within the framework of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Corridor (RCEC) of the Global Maritime Fulcrum – Belt and Road Initiative (GMF-BRI) between Indonesia and China and to unveil opportunities for investment projects in infrastructure, energy, and public works through direct interaction between Indonesian and Chinese businesspersons.

Source: Antara News

Puspiptek Indonesia takes part in technology forum in Tehran

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Head of the Science and Technology Research Center (Puspiptek) of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Dr Sri Setiawati participated in the 1st Asia Pacific Innovation Forum: Technology Startups for Sustainable Development in Tehran, Iran, on June 11-12, 2019.

The forum, organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and the Office of the Vice President for Knowledge and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was attended by government representatives, innovators, startup companies from 63 UNESCAP countries, academics, and students of Iran and foreign representatives in Tehran.

UNESCAP Executive Director Prof. Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana and Iranian Vice President for Knowledge and Technology Dr. Sorena Sattari opened the meeting that laid emphasis on the significance of science, technology, and innovation as a vehicle for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The occasion also featured the Asia-Pacific Start-up Network and the UNESCAP report titled “Establishing Science and Technology Parks: A Reference Guidebook for Policymakers in Asia and the Pacific”.

Sri Setiawati, during her presentation, shed light on the profile of the center that has been developed as one of the national science and technology park (STP), becoming an area of technology-based business development and innovation, supporting research and facilitating the development of new innovations, the Indonesian Embassy in Tehran noted on Saturday .

She also reiterated the significance of STP as a driver of economic development. To this end, policies are necessary to support STP, encompassing capacity building, infrastructure development, and optimization of FDI.

Puspiptek has forged collaboration with all domestic and foreign parties, government and private parties. With Iran, Puspiptek has collaborated including by visiting and sharing information and experiences.

In future, the cooperation will be further deepened. During the meeting, several parties were keen to collaborate with Puspiptek.

In terms of bilateral cooperation with Iran, Puspiptek has collaborated with Pardis Techno Parks, INIC, and Isfahan Techno Parks.

Source: Antara News

Rescue teams deployed to search for victims of sunken boat

Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA) – Head of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) of Maumere I Putu Sudayana confirmed he had deployed all rescue teams, with equipment in tow, at the site where KM Nusa Kenari sank.

“We have deployed all our resources at the scene. From Maumere, Alor the team have already arrived at the location. We have also sought assistance from Basarnas of Kupang to send ships and teams to the location to jointly look for the victims,” Sudayana informed Antara on Saturday.

Sudayana made the statement during a telephonic conversation from Kupang in connection with the search for eight victims of the KM Nusa Kenari that had yet to be found.

The Maumere Basarnas head clarified that the exact number of passengers and crew members was yet unknown, as there is no precise data on those onboard the ill-fated ship.

The Nusa Kenari motorboat sank in the waters of Tanjung Margeta on Saturday at 5 a.m. local time in the morning while cruising from Kalabahi to Poreman Village.

The captain claimed that the ship had carried 30 passengers to Poreman Village.

Of these, 20 passengers survived after swimming to the beach, along with the ship’s captain and one crew member, while two people died.

However, eight other passengers are yet missing, and search is currently underway to this end.

He noted that no certainty had yet been gained over the exact number of passengers and crew after communication with the ship’s captain, as only those on board knew how many people were there.

Source: Antara News

Police arrest illegal oil drilling worker over firearm possession

Jambi (ANTARA) – The Jambi Sub-district Police’s Special Crime Investigation Division IV arrested illegal oil mining worker Wahyudi Efendi, 26, over possession of a firearm assembled and without official permission.

Director of the Jambi Regional Police’s Special Criminal Investigation Commissioner Pol. Thein Tabero had remarked in Jambi on Saturday that the arrest was made after the team received on-field information of a resident working in an illegal oil well in Bajubang Sub-District, Jambi, and often carrying firearms.

“On the basis of that information, we conducted a follow-up. Initially, the team was conducting investigation into illegal oil drilling in Bajubang,” he stated.

The team, which had earlier planned on investigating illegal oil drilling cases in Bajubang Sub-district, Jambi, was compelled to put a stop to the investigation after receiving reports from residents of one of the illegal drilling workers possessing a weapon.

The team thereafter headed to the location in the lodge owned by Wahyudi in Bungku Village, Bajubang Sub-district, Batanghari District, and managed to uncover evidence of the same type of revolver loaded with two active bullets.

“An investigation was then conducted, and the perpetrators were ultimately arrested. The police finally discovered two bullet shells and one assembled weapon,” Tabero stated.

To this end, the suspect was immediately taken to the Bajubang Police Station for further legal procedures. In this case, Wahyudi was suspected of having violated Emergency Law Number 12 of 1951 and Law Number 8 of 1948.

Source: Antara News