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Pasar Minggu Lokbin Cleaned From Garbage

As many as 100 joint personnel are deployed to hold a mutual cooperation in the Pasar Minggu coaching location (Lokbin), Sunday (1/20).

“Those personnel are South Jakarta Environment Sub-department, Forestry Sub-department, Bina Marga Sub-department, Public Facility Maintenance Agency (PPSU), Fire and Rescue Sub-department, army and police ,” expressed Marullah Matali, South Jakarta Mayor, Sunday (1/20).

He stated that most garbage transported is dominated by plastic and the rest of the market merchandise.

“To transport garbage, we send six trucks to the location,” he stated.

After this, his party plans to visit the Lokbin and dialogue with traders.

“Lokbin is clean, so people don’t have to worry about shopping here,” he said

Source: Berita Jakarta

Jakartans Warned Of Rising Dengue Fever

Citizens are warned to stay alert to the threat of dengue fever that usually rises during the peak of the rainy season.

“They must be active in anti-mosquito campaign (SPN) along with jumantik (wiggler hunter),” stated Jakarta Health Department Head, Widyastuti, Sunday (1/20).

To anticipate dengue, they can drain water reservoirs and maintain plants that effectively repel mosquitoes or make a trap to prevent mosquitoes.

If they have a high fever between five to seven days, they can check their health in the nearest community health center (puskesmas) or hospital.

“We even urge they (puskesmas and hospital) to prepare human resources and supporting facilities,” she uttered.

All this time, a number of prevention have been carried out such as, monitoring through a web-based dengue surveillance system involving 160 hospitals and puskesmas.

Then is conducting PSN with self-jumantik method and training jumantik held by puskesmas that cooperates with professional organizations and universities in several schools.

“We also do a study of dengue through various scientific disciplines involving academy institutions,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta

Art Performance With Street Artists To Enliven East Jakarta, Be There!

As many as 300 street artists are involved to hold a cultural arts performance in East Jakarta.

To give the best performance, those artists are undergoing guidance and training.

East Jakarta Tourism and Culture Sub-department Head, Iwan Henry Wardhana said that the event would take theme park music performances that are packaged in the “Wara Wiri” program.

“We’re cooperating with the street arts community to enliven the event. So we give a space and time for expression,” he said, Sunday (1/20).

Wara itself is a sense of travel and literature and wiri is religious tourism and tolerance. Besides music, there will be theater arts, handycraft, poetry, drums, reog, vocal, etc.

“They will debut during Car Free Day on Jalan Raya Pemuda, Rawamangun in the forthcoming February,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta

Mutual Cooperation In Rambutan Area For Floods Prevention

350 joint officers assisted by locals are holding a mutual cooperation in RW 03, Rambutan Urban Village, Ciracas, East Jakarta, Sunday (1/20).

Rambutan Urban Village Head, Dwi Widiastuti said, it is done to reduce floods due to overflowing waters of Cipinang River. And invites locals to intensify greening program.

“We clean up wild plants and weeds on the riverbank. This land will be used as a park and a public facility,” she told.

Aside that, they also dredge water channel and make bipori absorption holes at some points.

Source: Berita Jakarta