2018, 31,942 Vehicles in Central Jakarta Netted

Throughout 2018, it has been noted that around 31,942 vehicles have been netted in Central Jakarta. From that number, 2,903 of them are towed.

” We involved with army, police, and Satpol PP to control them”

“We involved with army, police, and Satpol PP to control them,” expressed Harlem Simanjuntak, Head of Central Jakarta Transportation Sub-dept., Thursday (1/3).

Of 31,942 vehicles, some of them are ticketed such as 1,833 public minivans and 1,679 goods transport. Then 18,788 of them had to be flattened, such as 16,880 motorcycles and 1,769 three-wheeled vehicles, and 1,769 four-wheeled vehicles.

“In details, 2,903 vehicles are towed, 4,278 vehicles are grounded, as well as 366 public transports and 326 goods transports’ operational had to be stopped. The most violations are illegal parking, either on the sidewalk and on the road,” he told.

Hopefully its number could decrease in 2019. That is why he urges the motorists to be more orderly in driving.

“We also urge them to keep traffic orderly and obey traffic signs,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta