2 Chinese nationals sentenced to death for drug possession

The West Jakarta court has sentenced to death two Chinese citizens for their involvement in the possession of 18 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Chief Judge Mochamad Taufik Tatas said during a session here on Thursday that Li Fuzahng alias Fuzhang and Li Hezhang alias Li Ho Tan had been convincingly found guilty of the crime.

He said a narcotics-related crime is an extraordinary crime as it is considered a source of all evils.

The judge said he saw no factors that were in favor of the accused and which would convince him reduce the sentence.

Li Fuzhang and Li Hezhang, both aged 30 years, were caught by the West Jakarta police in December 2015. They were sent to a prison because they were believed to be involved in the possession of 18 kilograms of meth kept in four iron canisters, which were found in a shop house they worked in Tambora, West Jakarta.

Their lawyer, Dolfie Rompas, said the defendants did not accept the ruling and wished to appeal it.

He said his clients were caught not less than a month after their arrival in Indonesia and were not aware of the meth business being carried out in the shop where the stuff was found.

He also said his clients came to Indonesia to work upon the demand of someone named Chen Lao Pan.

Chen Lao Pan, who is still at large, met the defendants in China and had offered them a job in a spare parts business in Jakarta.

“They only knew there was meth in the shop when they were caught by the police,” he said.

Dolfie further said Li Fuzhang and Li Hezhang were mere graduates of elementary and junior secondary schools and should be freed of all the charges.

“It is inappropriate to sentence them to death,” he added.

Source: Antara News