13,000 Sacks Of Mud Transported From Kembangan

Around 100 personnel of West Jakarta Water Resources Sub-Department are dredging connecting channels in five locations, Kembangan Sub-district.

“It is done to follow up locals’ request and also minimize puddles when rain pours,” stated Mulyadi, Head of Kembangan Sub-district Water Resources Executing Unit, Monday (1/14).

But his side has difficulties to dredge a channel on Jalan Srengseng Raya along 200 meters with 80 centimeters width and another one on Jalan Kembangan Raya along 450 meters with 80 centimeters width.

“To solve it, we had to do demolishment prior to dredging,” he explained.

Nevertheless its work keeps being accelerated.

“Until today we have picked up 13,000 sacks of mud,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta