1,000 Motor Carts Provided To Transport Garbage

This year, Jakarta Environment (LH) Department will add 1,000 motor carts (germor). Additional motor carts are needed to transport garbage in settlements thus it can be more effective and easier.

Through procurement system, Jakarta LH Department Head, Isnawa Adji conveyed, LH Department has bought 1,761 motor carts and another 500 units in 2018.

“We allocate Rp 55 billion from budget to procure 1,000 motor carts this year,” he said, Monday (1/14).

He plans to distribute those motor carts to all urban villages in Jakarta in order to facilitate Public Facility Maintenance Agency (PPSU) personnel’s work.

“Motor cart will ease their work, especially in transporting garbage,” he added.

He explained that besides motor carts procurement, his side will also give maintenance service or replace any broken motor carts with the new one.

“We have listed 461 motor carts that need to be replaced thus it wouldn’t interrupt garbage transporting process,” he stated.

According to him, number of motor cart that will be distributed in each urban village will be different based on its area and population density.

“We will prioritize to distribute motor carts in densely populated areas,” he asserted.

Source: Berita Jakarta