100 Thousands Biopore Infiltration Holes Pursued

100 thousand biopore infiltration hole (LRB)s are targeted to be provided by East Jakarta’s Pasar Rebo Sub-district this year. The activity is aimed to prevent inundation and maintain groundwater availability.

Pasar Rebo Sub-district Acting Head (Plt), Panangaran Ritonga informed, currently there are about 15 thousand LRBs in Pasar Rebo Sub-district. It means, his side needs to work hard and massively to achieve that target. “Its remaining should be made this year,” he asserted, Monday (1/7).

He plans to make 100 thousand LRBs in 525 RTs and 60 schools of elementary, junior high, and senior high schools. “At least, each RT has one LRB and each school has 100 LRBs,” he mentioned.

In addition to settlement and school, 100 LRBs will be provided in five health centers (puskesmas) each. Sub-district Unit Heads/Sector Heads are obliged to participate by making 100 LRBs for each of them. It means 1,800 LRBs can be made from all Sub-district Unit Heads/Sector Heads.

“All LRBs have the same type and size. It is made from PVC pipe with one meter high and diameter 20 centimeter. Then its top should be closed with PVC pipe cap thus trash or other materials doesn’t enter the pipe,” he explained.

Source: Berita Jakarta